We can provide a service of coaching one-to-one, in order to improve the performance of drivers who feel the need to improve. Aimed not only for young drivers but also for gentlemen drivers.

Under the guidance of Kikko Galbiati, second level ACI Sport instructor, KG32 Racing can provide a coaching program to extract and develop the maximum driving potential of drivers, from inside and outside of the vehicles, through the analysis of datas and telemetry.

We offer you all the support you need to improve your driving performance, designing for you the perfect training program.

Driver Training & Performance

KG32 Racing not only offers a coaching service, but also can suit for you a personalized program of training, both physical and mental
A path aimed to improve the psychophysical performance of drivers of all ages and categories.

We take care of managing a driver's communication at 360°. Scroll down to discover all our services!

Social Media Management

When strategy, branding and content work together, social networks become a resource capable of generating incredible growth and visibility, and for a driver this is essential.

  • Keep your audience updated before, during and after the race weekend or in your free time;
  • We combine communication with new creative and personalized ideas;
  • Strategy aimed at enhancing and retaining your sponsors and increasing your fan community.

For a racing driver, having a website is an essential showcase: a way to make himself known, keeping its fans updated and the best way to offer to his partners the best visibility.

Press Release, PR & TV

KG32 Racing is able to increase your visibility through press releases before and after a race weekend and to create a dedicated TV episodes or TV commercials for your partners.

Graphic design, visual identity, sponsor presentations

Dynamic and innovative designs, created by our graphic and marketing studio to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Merchandising & clothing

Kikko Galbiati – Freem Ambassador

In partnership with Freem, a 100% Made in Italy company internationally known among the leaders of their industry, KG32 Racing will follow you step by step in the design and creation of your racing clothing.

Visual communication
  • Professional press kit creation (studio shooting & video teaser to use during the season);
  • Complete photo & video service at the race track;
  • Video highlights editing;
  • Creation of video interviews in the studio or at the race track;
  • Creation of commercials to enhance your partners;
  • Creation of Vlogs and other kinds of behind the scenes video content.

We offer a management service on all the key aspects that revolve around a racing driver.


Relationship with the teams to find the best solution for the season based on the needs of the driver and his sponsors.

Sponsor relationship management

We are committed to enhancing the collaboration and image of the driver's sponsors in order to retain them in the long term, satisfying all their business needs by adopting the right marketing and communication strategies. We professionally follow the driver in the approach and development of a potential new partnership.

Legal services & contract management

KG32 Racing collaborates with a primary international law firm where an internal division is entirely dedicated to motorsport, counting on expert professionals specialized in the negotiation of any racing-related contract.

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